The story is full film! Prisoner imprisoned in Posco Act escaped from jail in the morning, police caught him in the afternoon…

Amit Pandey, Khairagarh. Such a shocking thing has come to the fore from Khairagarh, listening to which you will say, the story is completely filmy. The two characters of the screenplay are prisoners imprisoned in jail, who plan to escape from jail with the help of other inmates. A prisoner jumps over the prison wall, but is caught after a few hours. The second prisoner is held in the jail itself.

The whole matter pertains to the sub-jail Saloni of Khairagarh, where there is a meeting between two prisoners, and such a friendship is formed that together they make a plan to escape from the jail. One of these two prisoners, Mohanlal Ajmeria, a resident of Agar Malwa district of Madhya Pradesh, is lodged in sub-jail Khairagarh for serious crimes like kidnapping and rape of a minor girl. On the other hand, Amit Singh of Rajnandgaon is imprisoned for the crime of robbery.

According to the information, both the prisoners together planned to scale the 23 feet wall of the jail. Mohanlal escaped by scaling the wall, but Amit Singh was caught in the jail compound itself. On getting information about Mohanlal’s absconding, the police department immediately swung into action and with the help of the villagers, caught Mohanlal in the fields of village Bafra. At present, action will be taken against both the prisoners under section 224. But what action is taken against the lapses of the jail administration and the rest of the assistants is a big question.

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