The young man fell on the road after being hit by the car, his friends beat the driver so much that …. WATCH VIDEO

Laxmikant Bansod, Balod. Two videos of Dallirajhara are going viral on social media. In the first video, a car driver is seen kicking a young man. After which his friends together thrashed the car driver. Due to which he became unconscious. On the other hand, in the second video, someone from the crowd present there is seen telling the youths that ‘you killed him’.

Actually, four youths were walking on the main road near Gupta Chowk. Then the car that came from behind hit one of these youths. Due to which the young man jumped and fell. After this, fellow youths came in front of the car, pulled the driver out of the car and showered punches on him. Due to which the driver became unconscious.

The second video was made from mobile by the present crowd. In which the person in front is saying that ‘You killed, you killed, it was not enough that you killed it, I have made your video’.

Regarding the matter, Balod Superintendent of Police Jitendra Yadav says that the matter is under cognizance. Reconciliation has been done between both the parties. The car driver had drunk alcohol. Further action will be taken after discharge.

Watch the video-

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