… then the tribals will get the power back! Former MP Netam surrounded the government, said – the land of tribals is being looted, people are being harassed…

Neha Kesharwani, Raipur. Former MP Ramvichar Netam has targeted the government regarding tribals. Ram Vichar Netam alleges that the land of tribals is being looted. People are being harassed. Tribals are being killed. Injustice is being done to the Scheduled Tribes. The hostel ashram is also not safe. The Congress party is surrounded by infighting. The empire of corruption is being established. People are being given contracts arbitrarily. Works worth crores have been given to construction agencies. If everyone is investigated, a scam worth thousands of crores will come to the fore.

On the removal of Mohan Markam from the post of president, Ramvichar Netam said, what message are you trying to give by removing Markam in the last time? When Mohan Markam wants to go north, he takes them south. If they want to go south, they take them north. The good thing is that the new president is from the Scheduled Tribes.

Regarding Amit Shah’s visit, Ramvichar Netam said, now only one wrestler is visible despite the threats of the government. Now the wrestling of the wrestler will end. When the brave wrestler will enter the field. Car racing, playing Lattu will all fail. They will have to reap what they have sown.

Ramvichar Netam said about the meeting with Nandkumar Sai, who left BJP and joined Congress, that he had met Nandkumar, he looked very sad. Something is not going well there.

On the other hand, regarding the manifesto, Netam said that the Bharatiya Janata Party will make a manifesto after listening to the problems of every class of people.
Will try to know the views of the people, their problems. Our committee will try to know their problems by coming face to face with all sections of people working in different fields, media world, employees, agriculture. After the formation of the government, we will prepare a blue print of how their problems can be solved.

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