There is no value of workers’ lives in industries: the body of a laborer found buried in a pile of ashes, was missing for two days, the factory management is avoiding saying anything…

Surendra Jain, Dharsiva. The industries feel that the value of the lives of the laborers is zero. That’s why they are buried in coal dust like insects. One such heart-wrenching case has come from Phase Two of Siltara, the industrial area of ​​capital Raipur. The dead body of a worker was found in coal dust in a factory named Ramniwas Ispat located here. There was a stir in the factory after the dead body of the worker was found. On the information of this incident, the police reached the spot and started investigating. This whole incident is of Siltara Chowki.

According to the information, the dead body of a laborer buried in coal dust was found on Wednesday in Ramniwas Ispat of Siltara. Police reached on the information of the incident. Police has established a morgue and sent the dead body for postmortem. The name of the deceased laborer is being told as Devraj Verma, a resident of Akoli Deori. Siltara police is engaged in further action in this matter.

According to the police, the deceased Devraj’s father Bhagwati Verma, a resident of Akoli Deori, had come on duty on the first Monday of the month of Shravan as usual, but did not reach home after duty. Where the coal dust is emptied, he lay there, the next day when the coal dust was being picked up from there, Devraj Verma’s dead body was seen inside that dust. Police is now investigating who put coal dust on how Devraj got buried in dust.

Here, on the condition of not revealing the name, a factory worker told that Devraj was fasting on the first Monday of Shravan. Did not go home after duty.

Due to the gross negligence of the factory management, this incident has left humanity in tatters. Police took the dead body into custody and handed it over to the relatives after the postmortem. But this incident has raised many questions regarding the workers in the industries. Is there no value for the lives of workers in the industries, who are buried in the dust like insects. After getting information about the incident, the local media personnel also reached the company and tried to know the side of the company management in this incident, but the guard told from the gate itself that there is no one.

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