There is tap… where is the water: big achievement of the system, water is not available even after spending lakhs of rupees in the Nal-Jal Yojana, then people’s thirst will be quenched like this…

Shashikant Dixena, Katghora. To quench the thirst in rural areas, the government has installed tanks and taps in the villages under the Nal-Jal Yojana. But the tap is dry. This failure of the system has become a problem for the people. In Lakhanpur Gram Panchayat of Pondi Uproda, villagers are in distress for water in this scorching heat.

At present, the reality is that only a limited area of ​​the Gram Panchayat is getting the benefit of this scheme. According to the villagers, the benefit of this tap-water scheme is being taken only by the people of some houses of the population living inside the settlement. The people of the ward situated 150 to 200 meters away from the Panchayat are deprived of this. Pipelines have been installed in these wards located outside the township, but water was supplied only on the day of its inauguration.

The people of the village say that the people of the Panchayat area are most troubled by the water problem in this scorching summer. The wells of the village have dried up. They have taps here, but water is not coming. Situation of Lakhanpur Panchayat Due to the mine of SECL, the problem of water persists here. Due to the Singhali, Dhelwadih, Bagdeva mines being just a short distance away, the water level of the wells and hand pumps goes down a lot in the summer and the wells reach a dry state.

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