There was chaos due to elephant entering the village: Villagers climbed on the school building and roof to save their lives, see VIDEO…

Pramod Nirmal, Manpur, Mohla. Due to wild elephant entering village Gattepayali of Aundhi area late this evening, there has been chaos in the village. The villagers have been secured inside the school building of the village. Many villagers have climbed on the roof to escape from the elephant. As soon as the information about this was received, the forest staff also reached the village to drive away the elephant.

The villagers are in panic due to the havoc created by the elephant in the village. Regional Forest Range Officer Ayub Khan said, Forest Amla is present in the village. Forest workers are engaged in the safety of the villagers. They are saving the lives of the villagers by putting them on the roof and keeping them in the buildings. There is still chaos in the village.


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