This female leader of Bijapur won the hearts of the villagers, when she reached with a tanker to quench their thirst, the whole village cheered

P. Ranjandas, Bijapur. As a gift for the villagers of Papanpal gram panchayat, who are facing water shortage due to the scorching heat, the district panchayat member of Toynar arrived with a water tanker and the entire village was in jubilation. Nina won the hearts of the villagers by taking a tanker to the village.

Making good use of her authority, District Panchayat member Neena made a 4500 liter tanker available to the villagers with the amount of 15th Finance. Tanker is no less than a boon for the villagers suffering from water shortage. The villagers who were elated by this work expressed their gratitude to Neena from the bottom of their heart.

Neena said that Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel listens to the village-poor-farmers first. Therefore, it was my duty to take care of the people of the area and be a part of their happiness and sorrow.

Amidst the scorching heat and the delay of monsoon, there is a lot of discussion about the sensitivity of the women’s representative regarding the diagnosis of drinking water problem in the village of Bijapur. A large number of villagers including Sarpanch Vijay Kudiyam, Deputy Sarpanch Allur Pandu, Payaku Telam, Sukalu Kudiyam, Ritesh Gandharla, Santosh Kudiyam, Ravindra Gadharla, Lakhmu Telam, Bande Kudiyam were present during this.

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