This is public, everyone knows! Deputy CM took a jibe at PM Modi’s visit, said- If he had attachment to CG, he would have come every year, if he would come at the time of elections…

Neha Kesharwani, Raipur. Deputy CM TS Singhdev has given a statement regarding the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that PM Modi is coming to Chhattisgarh to strengthen the possibility of elections. If there is attachment to Chhattisgarh, if an emotional link is made, Chhattisgarh comes every time, every year. If the time of elections comes immediately, then every man understands.

Regarding the visit of Union Ministers in Chhattisgarh, TS Singhdev said that I should not say but they are coming and compensating. The Congress is not that much dependent on its central leadership. We are doing good work here under his guidance. The central leadership has faith in us. The central leadership has told us to be confident, just not overconfident.

We have to be confident, not overconfident – ​​Singhdev

Singhdev said that more initiatives are being taken in the field by the Congress party. Congress has also invited its national leaders. Rahul ji, Kharge ji, Priyanka ji will also come. BJP is also calling its leaders. Congress has been working under the guidance of its central leader. We can get its bonus. Central leadership says don’t be lax, act cautiously. Firmly go among the people and then participate in the elections. The media is saying that Congress will come, the national media is showing full possibility of government formation. There is always guidance from the central leadership. But we have to be confident, not overconfident. Because voters are aware. Understand that they are not coming for us.

Opposition is doing formalities- Singhdev

On the preparations of the opposition regarding the monsoon session, Baba said that the opposition is carrying out formalities. We have to take the voters into confidence. We have made complete preparations for this. Regarding the late night meeting at the CM House, the Deputy Chief Minister said that the formation of the committee was discussed. The work being done in the field was reviewed. The work done in the polling booth was shared among themselves. Regarding the National Sickle Cell Anemia Eradication Mission, he said that it is very important for us to eliminate sickle cell. The central government is also taking its initiative.

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