Today is the third Monday of the month of Shravan: Crowd of devotees gathered in Mahakal temple, Lord Mahakal will come out in the evening to know the condition of the people.

Ajay Neema, Ujjain. Since this morning being the third Monday of the month of Shravan, there is an influx of devotees in the Shiva temples. Devotees have been queuing up since late night to have darshan in Ujjain’s Mahakaleshwar temple. The bhasmarti of Baba Mahakal started at 3 in the morning. Whose thousands of devotees took darshan. The month of Shravan is considered to be the most favorite month of Lord Bholenath. It is believed that by worshiping Shiva in the month of Shravan, one gets immediate relief from all troubles.

Today, on the third Monday of Shravan, special bhasmarti of Baba Mahakal was performed at Mahakaleshwar temple. Before Bhasmarti, Baba was bathed with water and Maha Panchamrit Abhishek was done, in which Abhishek was done with milk, curd, ghee, honey and fruit juices. After the consecration, Bholenath was attractively decorated with cannabis and sandalwood and the Lord was made to wear clothes.

After this, ashes were offered to Lord Mahakal. After being burnt to ashes, Baba was burnt to ashes with cymbals, drums and conch shells. Devotees specially wait for this day. That’s why today there is an atmosphere of enthusiasm and joy in the court of Mahakal since morning.

There is also a tradition of taking out the ride of Baba Mahakal on Monday in the month of Bhado. That’s why Baba’s ride will also be taken out this evening. It is believed that in order to know the condition of his subjects, King Mahakal goes on a tour of the city in the form of a ride. Where lakhs of devotees wait for hours on the roadside to have a glimpse of Baba’s ride and consider themselves blessed by getting a glimpse of Mahakal.

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