Toppers talk organized in Raipur, UPSC toppers told the success story…

Raipur. Today, Toppers Talk has been organized in the Deendayal Upadhyay Auditorium of the capital Raipur, in which every problem related to UPSC exam will be solved. In the program, UPSC toppers are giving tips to the youth for preparation related to UPSC exam.

In the program, Raipur Collector Dr. Sarveswar Bhure, Raipur SSP Prashant Agarwal along with UPSC’s 2022 Civil Services Examination topper Ishita Kishore, topper Garima Lohia, Kanika Goyal along with Abhishek Chaturvedi, Prakhar Chandrakar are sharing their experience. The collector welcomed all the toppers on behalf of the Chhattisgarh government.

While presiding over the programme, Collector Dr. Sarveshwar Bhure said, the aim of this talk is to motivate more and more participants from Chhattisgarh for competitive examinations and to ensure their maximum participation. Such programs create an atmosphere among the youth.

IPS and Raipur SSP Prashant Agarwal said, you all will get a lot of information from the toppers. This exam requires dedication and hard work. Knowing the detailed syllabus, maintaining determination is the biggest challenge.

Ishita Kishore, the topper of UPSC’s 2022 Civil Services Examination, told that I saw the merits and demerits of all aspects before the examination. I found Civil Services to be a dynamic career with challenges as well. I could not even clear the prelims in the first two attempts. I discovered my mistakes and by finding mistakes I improved. After failing prelims, I pushed myself with the same energy and went ahead for the third attempt. I started preparing for mains even before giving mains and this time I was successful.

Ishita said, during the interview my friends encouraged me. Told my mistakes. He gave me the courage to move forward. Ishita said that you control the social media, social media should not control you.

Garima, who secured All India second rank in UPSC examination, told that small or big city does not make any difference in the preparation of competitive examinations. He told that living in a small town like Buxar, he prepared and succeeded. People used to say that it is necessary to go to Delhi. Location does not determine your success. We think that our city is small, we cannot know about books, but it is wrong to think so. Whatever the atmosphere, it is necessary to have good friends.
Whatever you have is enough to help you. Keep this in mind.

Avinash Kumar IAS said, this was my third attempt, in the first two attempts I could not even clear the prelims, but I did not get discouraged and went ahead and secured 17th rank. You have to get hold of all the subjects. I gave the first attempt in a hurry, don’t do that. Out of the 6 main major subjects of Prelims, everyone has some or the other weak subject. It also has to be strengthened. In Prelims, more questions are not to be solved, but more questions are to be answered correctly. All of you have to work hard for CSAT, do not take it lightly. You have to give the test paper and also revise it later.

Kanika Goyal, the ninth rank topper, told that in the first attempt, the name could not appear in the final list, but within five days, Able appeared in the next preliminary examination and passed.

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