Tortoise move of PWD! No care for the patients, no care for the children and the villagers, the arbitrariness of the contractor came in the way of the construction of the bridge, the government representatives sitting at home cutting the cream?

best character, Gariaband. Who does not know Supebeda. Deadly diseases are pushing the people here to death one after the other. But till now no concrete treatment has been found. Patients have to be taken to other cities every day. But the bridge has become an obstacle in the midst of all this. It has been two years, but the bridge has not been constructed, due to which patients, school children and passers-by have to face problems.

Termites are licking the bridge worth 1 crore 50 lakhs in Supebeda Marg. The bridge is incomplete even after a long time of 2 years. Everyday patients, school children and people of 12 villages have to face problems. Contractors and engineers are missing. Engineer’s office is always found closed. Everyone together is misusing government money a lot. Who has no one to take care of.

build in turtle’s move

In fact, an amount of Rs 1.5 crore has been approved in the year 2021-22 for the construction of a bridge by the Public Works Department, about four kilometers from Devbhog. Which is being constructed on Belat Khadka drain of Supebeda approach road. It is about to be two years, but the work is still going on at a snail’s pace.

blindfolded department

PWD is not at all worried about the failure of the contractor and the responsible. Because the people of ten to twelve villages have to come to Devbhog daily to earn their living. Being the headquarters, school children also come and go through the same route, but no one’s eyes fall here.

Didn’t even take care of super big

Patients of kidney affected village Supebeda are also brought through the same route. This bridge has not yet been completed by the department. Due to which people are confused. Everyday people have to face problems, but the eyes of those responsible are blindfolded.

Let us inform that due to lack of bridge, people have to travel about 10-15 kilometers by other way. Water is filled to the brim in the rainy month, people’s problems increase, but the government system is not seeing anything.

officers don’t care

The authorities have no control over the construction work. Because of which arbitrariness is being done by the contractor. It is being said that an honorable person also has a hand in this. Because of which officers and contractors are fearless. Whose arbitrariness dominates in the area. Not only this, the lock is always seen hanging in the office of the Public Works Department. SDO and Engineer are not seen in the headquarters even after having accommodation. In such a situation, the question is bound to arise that when everything from office, salary, car to meeting the government is to be met, then what is the problem with the system in taking stock of the work and sitting in the office? Are government representatives cutting the cream by staying at their homes?

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