Treatment of back and back pain with the help of rolling pin, father and son are maintaining the tradition that has been going on for seven generations.

Sanjeev Sharma, Kondagaon. Surendra Mishra and Kamlesh Mishra, who came from Khariar Road to Kondagaon, have come as God in a way for people suffering from leg pain, knee pain, waist and back pain for years. Father and son are doing treatment without any rags with the help of inherited rolling pin and wheel.

The father-son duo has treated more than 150 victims during three days at Darji Bhavan located in Vikas Nagar, Kondagaon. People undergoing treatment say that they have got a lot of relief from this remedy. 53 year old Surendra Mishra and his 29 year old son Kamlesh Mishra tell that they have come to Kondgaon from Raja Khariar on the invitation of Priyanka Dahiya and Gopal Dahiya.

He told that we are of the seventh generation who do treatment with rolling pin. Surendra Mitra told that his grandfather Vishwanath Mishra had given him a rolling pin and a wheel made of rosewood, which were with our forefathers for 150 years. We treat people with the same cylinder and wheel. So far 6 lakh people have been treated with this method.

Mention of treatment in Mahabharata period

Surendra Mishra says that during the Mahabharata war, the pain of the injured was also treated in the same way. In this context, this method of treatment is 5000 years old, which is becoming extinct today due to lack of information. Priyanka Dahiya, who invited Surendra Mishra to Kondagaon, says that her leg could not bend, she used to feel pain in her knee. Gopal Dahiya, Gomti Bhattacharya, Reena Srivastava were also facing similar problems. After the treatment, he said that about 75 percent relief has been felt. Got a lot of rest.

Appeal to save the treatment method

Surendra Mishra and Kamlesh Mishra tell that in the name of treatment, we are charging only Rs 200, which is spent on our travel and accommodation. Apart from this, no other fee is charged. Along with this, they appeal to the government to save the five thousand years old method of treatment.

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