Triptii Dimri And Anushka Sharma Brother Karnesh Ssharma Broke Up After Deleting Photos Qala Actress Shares Cryptic Note | Triptii Dimri and Anushka Sharma’s brother Karnesh Sharma break up? After deleting the photo, the ‘Kala’ actress wrote

Qala Actress Triptii Dimri: There was news about Trupti Dimri and producer Karnesh Sharma that both were dating each other. During this, many pictures of both of them also surfaced on social media. In the photos, Karnesh was also seen kissing Trupti Dimri on the cheek.

Tripti Dimri reacted

At the same time, Trupti also shared a picture of Karnesh kissing her. But now news is coming that both have parted ways. Along with this, Trupti has shared a story from her Insta story, in which Trupti wrote about her thinking about people. Looking at the post, it seems Trupti has reacted to the rumors that are spreading about their relationship.

On her Insta story, the actress wrote – People will keep talking about you, no matter what you are doing, or will do, or whatever you are enjoying, they will still talk about you.

Trupti-Karnesh breakup?

Let me tell you, Karnesh and Tripti had openly adopted their relationship on Insta. But now Trupti has deleted her photos with Karnesh. Not only this, both have unfollowed each other from Instagram. If you scroll through Karnesh’s Insta profile, you will find that the posters of the actress’s series Bulbul will also be missing, Karnesh has deleted those too.

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