Truck Accident: A tanker full of diesel overturned on the National Highway, a crowd of people reached to loot, watch VIDEO …

Jagdalpur. A tanker filled with diesel overturned on NH 30 in Kodenar area of ​​Bastar. As soon as the tanker overturned, there was a competition to loot diesel. Due to this incident, the National Highway was jammed for hours. In no time, the people around took all the utensils, jerking, cans kept with them and reached near the vehicle, there was a competition to loot the diesel.

There was no loss of life in this accident. But the nearby people and passers-by looted thousands of liters of diesel. Due to the blind turn near Kodenar, the vehicle overturned uncontrollably at high speed. After which there was a competition to loot diesel.

Watch the video-

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