Two suspects found in CEO’s car! On receipt of the complaint, the police checked the vehicle, the district president and the members have an ongoing dispute with the CEO

Arif Qureshi, Sheopur. Vijaypur police station stopped and checked the vehicle of district CEO Shailendra Singh Adivasi after receiving a complaint about two suspicious people roaming in the vehicle of the district CEO in Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh at 8 pm on Friday night. During the checking, the police did not find any weapon in the car, but found two burly men sitting in the car. One of them was called by the CEO as his driver and the other as his relative. The police released them after noting their Aadhaar cards and mobile numbers after questioning.

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The case pertains to Vijaypur Nagar, where a dispute was going on between the district CEO Shailendra Singh Adivasi and the district president and most of the members for the last few days. From Friday, the chairman and members have opened a front against the CEO and started a fast unto death against him. Meanwhile, the chairman and members complained that two suspicious people were from outside in the CEO’s car.

Those who have come here to carry out some untoward incident. On this complaint, the Vijaypur police station checked the CEO’s vehicle by stopping it at Vijaypur Nagar and interrogated both the suspicious persons found sitting in the vehicle. The police have released him after taking a photo copy of his mobile number and Aadhaar card.

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In this regard, Vijaypur Janpad Panchayat President Badan Singh Rawat says that the CEO is taking suspicious people in his car and he has also threatened many people. This kind of conduct is not befitting of a responsible officer. He should be removed from Vijaypur, he is also doing many scams.

At the same time, the CEO says that there is no bouncer or suspicious person in his car. One is his driver, whom he has known since childhood, the other is his relative. What happens to the district members, they do not have any authority to sit on dharna or talk like this.

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Vijaypur police station TI Manoj Jha says that a complaint was received about two suspicious people roaming in the CEO’s car and carrying out some major incident. On this complaint, the vehicle was checked. After writing the Aadhaar card and mobile number of both the people, the CO has described them as their relative and driver.

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