Ujjain district administration ignored! Deep pits made of illegal excavation near the school, no action taken even after complaint, student died due to drowning

Ajay Neema, Ujjain. Illegal mining is being done continuously by the mining mafia in Madhya Pradesh. The case of excavation has come from Ghattiya tehsil of Ujjain district, where huge pits have been created due to illegal mining by the mafia near the government school. In such a situation, there is a possibility of falling of school students. Even after complaining in this regard, the officials are not taking any action.

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In fact, the whole matter pertains to Bichhadod Khalsa village of Ghattiya tehsil of the district, where a large amount of earth was taken out near the government school, due to which deep pits were formed there which is just ten steps away from the school. In which there is a possibility of falling of school students. Last year, a student of the school died due to drowning in the pit. Mukesh Chandna, sarpanch representative of Gram Panchayat Bichhod Khalsa, has informed the administration about this for almost a year.

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Even after this, the administration did not take any action against the mafia and did not get the necessary reforms done on the spot. Recently, two students died due to drowning in a pit created by digging a pond in Kaliadeh village. Still the district administration is not taking any step in sensitive matters. Now the question arises whether the administration takes any action in this matter or innocent people will continue to die like this waiting for accidents.

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