Uncle became a butcher in the fire of lust: took him to the forest and committed misdeeds with his nephew, then killed him by immersing his head in water

Bhupendra Bhadoria, Gwalior. Police have arrested the accused uncle, who raped and murdered his own innocent nephew in Parsen village of Bijauli police station area of ​​Gwalior district. The police have also recovered the male skeleton of the child and its clothes from the forest of Aroli at the behest of the accused. The special thing is that the accused uncle had also sent a letter of ransom to his own brother’s house and had also made phone calls and messages, so that the case would appear to be kidnapping. When the police took the help of electronic surveillance, it was found that these calls were being made by the accused Jitendra only. After this the police arrested him and after strict questioning he confessed his crime.

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In fact, on the afternoon of May 31, while playing outside the house, 8-year-old Dhruv Mahore suddenly disappeared. The relatives searched him a lot, but nothing was found about the child, then they reached the Bijauli police station and lodged a complaint about the matter. After this, the police registered a case of kidnapping and started investigation. When the accused Jitendra came to know about the investigation by the police, he pasted a letter at his nephew’s house to mislead him. In which a ransom of Rs 6 lakh was demanded in lieu of leaving the child. The accused had also called and texted the child’s father for ransom. After this the direction of the police investigation changed. The police put the mobile of the child’s father under electronic surveillance and found out from where the calls and messages were being made on his mobile.

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Only after this, Jitendra Mahore of Parsen village was arrested by the police near Bijasen Mata’s temple. When the police interrogated strictly, the accused spilled all the secrets. The accused told that on the day of the incident, he was coming towards the house on his bike when Dhruv was seen playing with him. Lust awakened in his mind and with the intention of raping the child, he made her sit in his car and took her to the dense forest of Aroli, asking for a ride. Where the child was raped. When the child threatened to tell his uncle’s handiwork at home, he immersed the child’s head in a pit of water and himself sat on it. After suffering for some time, the child died. After this, his dead body was buried in the pit and after pouring soil on top, he went to his house and started pretending to find the child with his family members.

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