Unique tradition in Chhattisgarh: Villagers celebrate the birth of a daughter, bear the entire cost of education and marriage

Sanjeev Sharma, Kondagaon. Rajagaon village of Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh has a unique tradition. In this village, a celebration is held when a daughter is born in someone’s house. In this village, no parent considers daughters as a burden, rather they are considered a blessing of God. The villagers jointly bear the expenses of the daughter’s education and marriage.

The people of the village bring all the necessary things to this house and hand them over to the head, which is required for the daughter’s marriage. It is given so that there is no hindrance in the marriage.

Taking forward the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign, the people of the district Rajagaon panchayat consider the daughters of the village as their daughters and jointly bear the expenses of their education and marriage. 355 families of Rajagaon together help in the marriage of every girl of the village forgetting the difference of caste and religion. Deepka Mandavi got married on June 20 in the village. Deepika’s father Shyamnath Mandavi has passed away. Deepka lives in Rajagaon with her brother Dhaneshwar Mandavi and her mother.

Villagers help according to their status

On the marriage of a daughter in the village, the gram panchayat arranges for tents, decorations, electricity, frills and tea and snacks. At the same time, beds, sofas, cupboards are given to the daughter from some prosperous houses in the village itself. People from other nearby villages also provide necessary help by giving money etc. The panchayat has its own band, which plays free of cost at weddings.

Carrying out the tradition coming from ancestors: Sarpanch

Sarpanch of Raja village Shyam Batti Netam tells that this tradition is not from today but from our forefathers, which we are continuously carrying out. We villagers also feel very good in doing this work. We also do not want any father to feel a burden on his daughter or face any kind of problem regarding her marriage. This is the reason why the whole village joins hands in getting the daughter married.

Free tents, bands and utensils are given to the villagers

Dashrath Netam, who was the sarpanch of Rajagaon for the last 10 years, had taken a decision in the panchayat in his work that if a daughter is born in anyone’s house, the village would be celebrated. The whole village will help in the marriage. Shyambati, wife of Dashrath Netam, who was unopposed sarpanch three times, is now sarpanch. To help the villagers, the Gram Panchayat has bought tent material, awning, band, utensils, which are given free of cost in the marriage of the girl.

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