Uorfi Javed Covered Her Body With POP Topless Shocking Video Viral On Social Media

Uorfi Javed Cover Body With POP: No one can imagine when Urfi Javed, famous for his unusual fashion, can make a dress of what. From pizza slices to electrical wires, pieces of glass to green tea packets… there are many things Urfi has used to make her dress and now she is about to create a ruckus again.

She has not yet completely revealed what the actress is going to do, but has definitely shared a small glimpse of it on her Instagram. Seeing which you will be a little nervous and will think that what is she going to do now.

What’s in the video..
Actually, Urfi has shared a video on her Instagram in which some people are seen putting POP i.e. Plaster of Paris on her body. It is seen in the video that the actress is topless and two women are putting POP on her body, during which the actress is continuously giving them instructions.

Apart from the video, the actress has also shared some pictures, in one of which half of her body is seen covered with POP, while in the rest of the pictures, her staff is seen helping her in making this dress. Now what new is the actress going to bring, it will be known soon, watch video

By the way, the unusual fashion of Urfi Javed has now become a common thing. It is as if trolling and Urfi have gone hand in hand, the actress would hardly have any such dress on which she is not trolled. However, the actress also knows how to give a befitting reply to the trollers.

In the past, Urfi was seen in a white and red color dress in which she had two hearts hanging around her neck. This photo of him became very viral on social media.

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