Uorfi Javed Fight At Mumbai Airport Man Commented On Clothes Actress Lashed Out WATCH VIDEO

Orfi Javed Furious At A Man In Airport: Bigg Boss ex-contestant Urfi Javed recently reached the airport where she found a person who started scolding her in front of everyone. The man was seen scolding Urfi for her clothes. At the same time, Urfi Javed also expressed his anger on that person.

Uncle lashed out at Urfi at the airport!
A video of Urfi Javed has surfaced on social media in which she is seen inside the airport wearing a green colored backless cotton maxi dress. While the paparazzi are covering Urfi, only then a man is seen with steel glasses in both his hands, who is passing by, that man looks at Urfi and says – India me aisa nahi, hamara naam bad hota hota.

On this, Urfi turns around and says to that person- ‘Is anything going on with your father? Nothing is going for your father, so go do your work.’ After this, Urfi’s manager comes to the rescue and asks Urfi to go ahead, meanwhile Urfi’s mood seems to be very bad.

Reactions of many people are coming out on this video. Many people were seen reacting after watching the video. At the same time, most of the people were seen raging on Urfi. Users were seen saying that what is manners, you must be talking to your father like this. So someone said – you are of the age of your father. One said – hit right. So someone said – It is respect, boss, to speak in front of everyone like this. One user said – This has happened for the first time, someone has spoken on Urfi’s face.

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