Uorfi Javed Made A Mini Skirt And Top With Her Brown Hand Bag Fans Wondring Watch Here

Uorfi Javed New Dress Video: Urfi, known for her unusual dressing sense, has once again shared her new video with fans on social media. This time in the video, she has made her new dress from her purse.

urfi javed made stylish mini skirt and top from hand bag
Whenever Urfi Javed puts videos of such new dresses on her social media, she is mostly seen getting trolled by the users. But this time people are liking this dress of Urfi. Seeing Urfi in this dress at first glance, people were seen complementing her instead of commenting. Urfi took a brown colored handbag this time and showed her artistry.

What is in Urfi Javed’s video?
In the video shared by Bigg Boss ex-contestant Urfi Javed, she first shows her bag in a very cool style wearing casuals. After that she hides her face with that brown bag and then in the very next frame Urfi’s bag disappears, while that bag appears on her body as a dress. By piercing the bottom part of the bag, she makes a mini skirt and from the remaining part she makes a tube top. The special thing is that Urfi does not let a single item of this bag go to waste. Urfi makes the remaining hand straps with her mini skirt as attached shoulder straps, after that her mini skirt tunic is ready. Urfi is looking very cute in this dress.

Seeing this outlook of Urfi on social media, many fans were seen speaking. It looks great. So someone said – for the first time I liked this dress without any dislike. So someone said – Wow, this is the best dress. One said – let’s wear something nice today. One user wrote – This is very innovative. Claps. Let me tell you, after wearing a dress made of a bag, a 500 note also came out from his pocket, which Urfi took out and showed it to the fans and then put it back and zipped it.

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