Uorfi Javed On Girls Safety Relatives And Neighbors Does Rape Of Girls

Uorfi Javed On Rape Cases: TV actress and Internet sensation Urfi Javed is as bold as she is about her fashion sense. Whether it is a social issue or that of her family, Urfi always believes in speaking openly. Recently, the actress has given her opinion about girls’ safety and said that only the people around and relatives do heinous things like rape with girls.

Urfi had participated in Ranveer Allahabadia’s podcast show some time back. During this, Ranveer asked him if girls and boys are brought up differently? On this the actress said, ‘Yes..this is also because the girls have to be protected so that the outsider doesn’t do anything. But isn’t it strange that people around us only do this to relatives and when a girl tells her mother that a relative has done this to her, her parents silence her.’

The actress further said, ‘I think it is easy to control girls. This has been going on since time immemorial, especially in the past people used to say that the women and daughters of my house did not even step out of the house without my consent.

In this show, Urfi also told how much torture her personal life has been. How badly the father of the actress used to beat her. Due to which she was fed up. By the way, the actress has already shared this scary aspect of her personal life with people. But now the actress is Bindaas Zindagi. Let us tell you that a few days ago, Urfi was seen in a restaurant with her mother, from where her videos and photos went viral.

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