Uorfi Javed Spoke About Trolling She Feel Sometimes That She Is A Blot For Society | Uorfi Javed breaks down seeing trolling, said

Uorfi Javed Talked About Trolling: Urfi Javed remains in the limelight for her colorful dresses. Sometimes she is seen wearing a chain dress and sometimes she wears a chewing gum top. She also gets trolled a lot for her dressing. However, Urfi does not care about people’s thinking and their words. Not only this, recently she wore a dress made of POP plaster, after which she became a victim of trolling.

Negative comments affect Urfi
The way Urfi Javed is seen experimenting one after the other for her dress, even though everyone may think that she does not care about anyone’s words, but it is not so. People’s negative comments have a great impact on Urfi and Urfi himself has accepted this. In a talk show, Urfi revealed that he feels as if he is a blot on the society.

‘Maybe I really am a blot on society’
In an interview given to Ajio, Urfi told that at least once in 3 months she gets affected by people’s words. They start feeling that maybe the trollers are speaking right. She says, ‘I start feeling that maybe I am really a blot in the society, maybe I am not worthy to be called a woman, maybe I am really a bad example for the young generation. But now I have no way back…

Even if I quit, I feel what I have done is going to be on the internet forever… I feel am I really that bad… no family will adopt me… no Will not make me his friend.

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