Uproar in Municipal Corporation meeting: Fierce fight between BJP and BSP councillors, VIDEO viral

Manoj Upadhyay, Morena. There was an uproar in the meeting of Morena Municipal Corporation of Madhya Pradesh. Two councilors clashed during the meeting. Both grabbed each other’s collar and pulled. There was a push and a fierce fight between the two.

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Actually, a meeting was called in the Municipal Council on Wednesday. But before the councilors’ meeting could end, there was a dispute between BJP corporator Dinesh Tomar and Bahujan Samaj Party corporator Bunty Yadav over some issue. In no time, the dispute increased so much that there was abusing and fighting between the two leaders. During this, there was a lot of kicking and punching. The fight that took place inside the corporation came out.

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police remained mute spectators

The special thing is that the dispute and fight between the councilors took place in the presence of the police and the police kept watching as mute spectators. However, seeing the controversy increasing, other people’s representatives present there rescued them. It is being told that people who came to intervene have also been injured.

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