Varun Dhawan Bites Janhvi Kapoor Ear During Bawaal Promotion Netizens Trolled Says She Should Slap Him | Varun Dhawan cut off Jhanvi Kapoor’s ear, created a stir, people said

Varun Dhawan Bites Janhvi Kapoor Ear: Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan and actress Janhvi Kapoor are in limelight these days for their upcoming film ‘Bawaal’ which is releasing in theaters on July 21. Both are promoting the film fiercely by going to different places.

Meanwhile, a picture of Varun and Janhvi is becoming quite viral on social media and because of this picture, the ‘Bawal’ actor is being trolled badly on social media. In the photo, Varun is seen doing something with Jhanvi which people are not liking at all. Now we tell you what the actors are doing like this.

What is Varun doing with Jhanvi?
In fact, two photos of Jhanvi and Varun are going viral during the promotion, in which both are seen twinning in black outfits. In one photo, it is seen that Varun is biting Jhanvi’s ear, while in the second photo, the actress is seen laughing with her hand on her ear. However, seeing the photo, it is understood that both are in a mood of fun and Varun has cut Jhanvi’s ear in fun, but people are shocked by this actor’s gesture. Char is not liking it at all, he is trolling the actor fiercely.

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people took class
One user wrote, ‘I don’t know why people are saying that Varun should not do this now because he is a married man. While he should not have done this even when he was single.’ One user wrote, ‘Jahvani should have used his art of slapping here.’

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