Vibhishan Siddhant Karnik Came Out In Support Of Om Raut Prabhas And Kriti Sanon Adipurush Said Our Gods Need To Be Shown Cooler Than Superheroes | ‘Adipurush’ ‘Vibhishan’ supported the film, said Siddhant Karnik

Siddhant Karnik on Adipurush: The controversy that started with its release on Adipurush has not subsided till now. Released on June 16, the film has been in theaters for 13 days. In such a situation, the controversy over this film is only getting deeper. The High Court reprimanded the makers of the film and asked the producer to appear in the court.

Meanwhile, actor Siddhant Karnik, who played the role of Ravana’s brother Vibhishana in this film, has come out in support of Adipurush. Also, he has remembered a 10-year-old boy who used to dance in the theater while watching this film.

‘Children must watch Adipurush’
Where Adipurush is constantly getting embroiled in controversies. At the same time, from the makers of this film to the actors are supporting the film. Now meanwhile, the reaction of actor Siddhant Karnik, who played the role of Vibhishan in the film, has come to the fore. Speaking to E-Times, Siddhant recalled the 10-year-old boy who started dancing in the theater after watching the film and said, “He looked like he was having the best time of his life and that impressed me.” Said that this is a film that children must watch to get familiar with the depth of our epics and stories.

There is a need to show the stories of gods in a pop way – Siddhant Karnik
Talking about the film, Siddhant further said, ‘Now is the time to present our mythological stories using pop culture’ and added, ‘We need to use pop culture smartly so that we To pass on the stories of our gods to our children’s generation, to show them that our gods are calmer and more layered than imaginary superheroes.’

Stories should be presented in the language of superheroes
Siddhant told, ‘I am not saying that we should stay away from western superheroes. Not at all, but the time has come to focus on our Gods and present these stories in the language of superheroes, which today’s children are accustomed to.

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