VIDEO: A young man who went fishing in Tikamgarh got trapped in a river island, SDRF did the rescue, tractor trolley in Barwani, the driver saved his life by jumping

The rainy season continues in Madhya Pradesh. All the small and big rivers and drains of the state are in spate. In Tikamgarh district on Wednesday, a youth had gone fishing in the river. Suddenly the water level of the river increased and he got trapped in the island. Late night the SDRF team rescued and pulled out. Here in Barwani district, a tractor trolley along with another trolley was washed away in Beni river. During this the driver saved his life by jumping. The video of tractor-trolley drifting is going viral on social media.

Rescue of a young man who went fishing

Mukesh Sen, Tikamgarh. Heavy rains lashed the district on Wednesday, during which some people had gone fishing in the middle of the river near Majna village. The water level of the river suddenly increased due to heavy rains. Some youths swam to the banks of the river, while Sunil Vanshkar got stuck on an island in the middle of the river. Kept waiting for the water level to decrease but the water did not decrease.

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On receiving the information from the district administration late in the night, the rescue team of SDRF was sent to the spot. Due to the forest area and darkness, the rescue team had to face a lot of difficulties. After a lot of effort, with the help of search light and boat, Sunil was safely rescued at around 1 am.

Trolley with tractor swept away in the river

Sameer Sheikh, Barwani. The tractor of Mangilal Patel, a resident of Sustikheda district and the trolley of Mainimata, a resident of Roopa’s father Padma, were taken to fill sand in the Beni river of Derwalia village. During filling of sand suddenly the water level of the river increased. During this, the laborers ran away, but the driver was trying to start the tractor. Due to the strong current, a tractor-trolley along with another trolley got washed away.

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Exhausted, the driver saved his life by jumping from the tractor. This morning, when the water level of the river decreased, the tractor was found stuck in a bend at a distance of 100 meters. Also, a single trolley was washed away about 2 km away. From which it was pulled out with the help of other tractors. It is a matter of honor that there was no casualty in this incident.

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