Vidhansabha Monsoon Session: The matter of unemployment allowance heated up in the House, dissatisfied with the minister’s reply, BJP members created ruckus, did a walkout…

Raipur. On the second day of the monsoon session of the Vidhansabha, the matter of unemployment allowance got heated. Dissatisfied with the reply of departmental minister Umesh Patel, BJP members created ruckus. After this he walked out of the house.

The opposition asked that if 22 thousand people were advertised for employment, then how did 33 thousand people get recruited. The departmental minister admitted that 33 thousand people got employment in 22 thousand advertisements. For this arrangements were made in different departments.

Leader of Opposition Narayan Chandel alleged that the rules for giving allowance to the unemployed are being changed everyday. The government is putting up hoardings to provide employment to 10 lakh people, but the information about how many unemployed are registered is not being given. Dissatisfied with the reply of departmental minister Umesh Patel, the opposition stood up and started shouting slogans.

Ajay Chandrakar said that there is no compulsion of age for unemployment registration. This is ridiculous. During the discussion, Minister Umesh Patel taunted that if Ajay Chandrakar goes and registers now, he will also be done, but currently he is an MLA, don’t go now, otherwise the message will not go well.

Minister Umesh Patel said that as of June 20, 2023, 1,72,553 have registered for unemployment allowance. As on June 20, 2023, 1,14,764 are eligible and 33559 are ineligible. Ajay Chandrakar said that without giving jobs to anyone, 33 thousand 659 became ineligible. Shivratan Sharma said that the unemployed of Chhattisgarh are being misled. BJP members were seen dissatisfied with the minister’s reply in this matter.

Special excise duty information sought

BJP MLA Shivratan Sharma asked how much was collected in special excise duty? Gothan, Education – How much amount has been sent to the departments for the collection amount for health? Minister Kawasi Lakhma told that 1059 crores have gone to Gauthan. 558 crore has been given in the education department. The opposition alleged that money was not given to the departments and it was misused.

When was the report of the prohibition committees submitted?

Shivratan asked that for how long was the term fixed for the formation of three committees for prohibition, how much time was extended and when and how often the reports were submitted? At the same time, Dharamlal Kaushik said that when you had vowed to ban liquor by taking Ganga water, did you ask the BJP then? On this issue, the MLAs of the Bharatiya Janata Party created a ruckus and raised the slogan of liquor ban.

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