Vidya Balan Acted Like A Beggar For Biscuit In Front Of Mumbai 5 Star Hotel

Vidya Balan: Actress Vidya Balan is busy these days in the promotion of her upcoming crime thriller film ‘Niyat’. During the promotion, he shared some fun facts of his life apart from his professional career. He told that once he acted as a beggar in front of a five star hotel in Mumbai and that too for an extra packet of Jim Jam biscuits.

In an interview with Mashable, Vidya told- “We were IMG ie Indian Music Group. He used to organize classical music concert, Indian Classic Music Concert every year. This concert went on all night for three days. He used to be wonderful. I was in the same organizing committee. Actually, I was a volunteer. We used to help organize the program and at night when the show was over, we used to go for a walk at Nariman Point.

Vidya became a beggar to complete the challenge

He further said – “Once I was given a challenge. He asked me to knock on the door of the coffee shop at Oberoi- The Palms and ask him for some food. I was an actor, they did not know this. I kept knocking on the door. Everyone started getting irritated. I knocked many times. I kept saying – Please, I am hungry. I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. After some time those people started looking in the other direction. After this my friend got embarrassed and asked me to come. Although I won the bet.

Describing her love for Jim Jam Biscuit, Vidya said- “That challenge was for Jim Jam Biscuit. Our sponsor for the concert was Britannia and we had lots of biscuits. But I had said that if I win, I will get an extra packet of Jim Jam and I did.”

star cast of niyat

Talking about ‘Niyat’, it has been directed by Anu Menon. It also stars Ram Kapoor, Rahul Bose, Neeraj Kabi, Shahana Goswami, Amrita Puri, Dipannita Sharma and Nikki Walia along with Vidya.

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