Vijay Varma Trolled For Advising To Watch Lust Stories 2 With Family On Instagram Tamannaah Bhatia Kajol Neena Gupta Netflix | Vijay Verma advised to watch ‘Lust Stories 2’ with family, fans were furious, said

Vijay Verma Trolled: Vijay Verma and Tamannaah Bhatia have been in discussions about their relationship for a long time. Recently both have accepted their relationship. Now this couple is busy promoting their upcoming web series ‘Lust Stories 2’. This is the same series in which Tamannaah Bhatia has broken her 18 years old no-kissing policy and has done romantic scenes with Vijay Verma.

Recently, when Vijay Verma, while promoting the web series, advised to watch it with the family, users on social media got angry and heard Vijay Verma outright.

Vijay Varma recommends watching Lust Stories 2 with the family
In a video shared on Instagram from Netflix and Vijay Varma’s collab, Vijay Varma suggests viewers to watch intimate scenes with family instead of fast forward. He advises the audience not to fast forward the romantic scenes and watch them with their families without fear or shame. He is seen saying in the video, ‘It’s all lust. Everyone has felt it. Your parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, bees, butterflies, Raj and Simran. So this time openly, make popcorn with everyone and watch Lust Stories 2 sitting.

Users raging on social media
Netizens got angry on social media as soon as this video surfaced. Fans are now targeting the team of Lust Stories 2. Commenting on this, a fan wrote, ‘Such a poor series has been thrown on the face of Indian society. Selling soft porn in the name of content that has no entertainment value.

At the same time, another fan wrote, ‘This is India, here shame is not just to be seen, because people feel so. Being modern does not mean forgetting our culture and respect for elders. You and your colleagues should post reels watching these intimate scenes with your parents and elders and ask others to do the same. At the same time, another user commented, ‘He is planning to make us homeless.’

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