Vikram Bhatt got attracted to the song of Bhojpuri singer Akshara Singh, said- ‘What is her attitude’

Vikram Bhatt Sing Song: Vikram Bhatt is busy promoting his upcoming film ‘1920 The Horrors Of The Heart’. Avika Gaur is playing the lead role in this film. During the promotion of the film, when Vikram was asked about his wife, he praised Bhojpuri singer Akshara Singh and her songs. He said that Akshara’s attitude is very good in this song. During this, Vikram also narrated a song of Akshara. Akshara has also shared this video of Vikram on her Insta handle.

Vikram Bhatt is floored by Akshara’s song
Vikram Bhatt praising Akshara Said, ‘A song was playing in my mind. It was a song by Akshara ji. I saw this song on youtube. what a song. What is his attitude. I was hooked.” After this Vikram Bhatt sang the song of Akshara Singh. The name of this song of Akshara is ‘Idhar Aane Ka Nahi’. 


"text-align: justify;">Akshara shared Vikram Bhatt’s video

Akshara has also shared this video of Vikram Bhatt from her official Instagram account. Along with this he wrote, “Thank you very much Vikram Bhatt Sir for giving me so much respect. You sang very well. Along with this, Akshara wrote while wishing Vikram Bhatt for his upcoming film, ‘You are very amazing. Especially when you said – we didn’t buy. Wish you all the best for your film 1920.’

"text-align: justify;"> Akshara Singh launched her song ‘Idhar Jaane Ka Nahi’ on YouTube. The lyrics of this song were written by Ashish Verma. Along with this, its music was also written by Ashish Verma. This song also got a lot of love from the fans and has been seen more than 45 crore times.


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