Village Defense Committee Provincial Conference: Kamal Nath said – Corruption from village to Vallabh Bhawan, BJP will make big announcements before elections, I do not work for announcements

Amritanshi Joshi, Bhopal. A provincial convention of the Town and Country Defense Committee was held today at the Congress office in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. State Congress President Kamal Nath (PCC Chief kamalnath) involved in the conference fiercely attacked the BJP government. It is said that there is a lot of corruption (C) in our village and state. There is corruption from village to Vallabh Bhavan. Don’t worry about honor, you are the village guard and Kamal Nath is yours. The government took a loan of lakhs of crores but what did you get. There is no work in the hands of the youth, unemployment is the biggest problem.

Said that- I am also worried about the agriculture sector, we have waived off the loans of 27 lakh farmers. We got a chance to work for 11 months, introduced policy and determination. Farmers run the markets of villages and cities. Farmers have to wander for fertilizers and seeds. Gave 100 units of electricity for 100 rupees. Whether electricity comes or not, the bill definitely comes. You work to keep the peace. There is ongoing violence between tribals and non-tribals in Manipur. Dispute of Tamil Nadu Hindi, Khalistani in Punjab BJP is responsible for all this. BJP is now doing fake, misleading work. In 18 years, 22 thousand announcements have been made. Even lies are ashamed of the BJP. Will announce this big 5 months ago, I don’t announce, work, but you should get uniform and honorarium.

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