Villagers open front against mineral mafia: Said – have been doing farming for years, if they take land, they will not allow even politicians to enter the village

Ajay Neema, Ujjain. In village Rudahera of Ghattiya tehsil of Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh, the villagers have opened a front against the mineral mafia. The villagers allege that the mineral mafia Bhanu Bhadauria and his associates want to take away the land by taking it on lease and make them homeless. The villagers say that we have been doing farming on the revenue land for 80-90 years and are taking care of our family. 200-250 people of 50-60 families live from this land.

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Villager Satyanarayan Solanki told that he is threatened on a daily basis to take away this land. There is a political issue regarding the land. If our land is taken away, we will not allow any leader to enter the village. Will boycott the elections and pelt stones at the leaders. If any incident happens in the case of this land, the entire responsibility will be of the administration.

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