Villagers stopped the BJP MLA’s car in the middle of the road: heard the falsehood, had reached the village to celebrate Vikas Parv, returned backwards, know what is the whole matter

Ajayarvind Namdev, Shahdol, Assembly elections are to be held in Madhya Pradesh at the end of the year. For which BJP and Congress have started preparing. But from now on the BJP MLAs are facing opposition from the public. One such case has come to the fore from Shahdol district, where the BJP MLA had to face opposition from the public. BJP MLA Manisha Singh of Jaitpur assembly constituency of the district was going to Jhikbijuri to participate in the Vikas Parv Yatra program, the villagers who were struggling with the problem of road, electricity and water, stopped the MLA’s car by tying red tape in the middle of the road and expressed their protest. Along with this, even warned to see its effect in the upcoming assembly elections. Facing opposition from the villagers, the MLA returned back without getting down from the car. The video of villagers protesting by stopping the MLA’s vehicle is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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BJP MLA of Jaitpur Assembly Constituency Manisha Singh was going to Jhinkabijuri to celebrate Vikas Parv, the road through which the MLA was going to participate in the program. In the middle of the same unpaved road, the villagers stopped the MLA’s convoy by tying a red ribbon, saying that first cut the ribbon and inaugurate the road. In fact, for a long time, troubled by the basic problems like electricity, water and roads, the rural government kept demanding from the administration, but none of them were listened to. Due to this, when the angry people came to know that the MLA was going to the Vikas Parv program through this dilapidated road, the villagers stopped the MLA’s car by tying a red ribbon in the middle of the road and protested.

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After which the MLA left without getting down from her car, saying that come to the Panchayat Bhavan, let’s sit there and talk. After this, he reached Gramin Panchayat Bhavan and there he told the MLA very well, he said that we have been voting for BJP for the last 15-20 years and the MLA is being made of BJP. The villagers protested due to the problem of road electricity. He said that if there is no development in our area then how can we celebrate the festival. He said that we clearly say that if our problems are not resolved then we will not vote this time. The video of villagers protesting by stopping the MLA’s car is becoming increasingly viral in the social media. Now, in this case, MLA Manisha Singh says that this is a ploy of the Congressmen. This kind of mischief is being done by the Congressmen. As far as the road is concerned, it was a matter of some missing part of the Prime Minister’s Road.

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