Virans Paper Mill Factory swallowed the laborer

Surendra Jain, Dharsiwan. In the capital of Chhattisgarh, an accident took place late in the evening at Virans Paper Mill located in Mohda Tarpongi, Dharsiwan. A worker died due to being buried in straw during work.

The news of the incident spread like fire to the surrounding villages. Hundreds of villagers reached in front of the factory in no time. The local villagers started expressing anger over the death of Revaram Sahu.

Even after hours of agitation by the villagers, no one came forward from the factory management, due to which the anger of the villagers increased further. As soon as the information was received, Dharsiwan TI Shivendra Singh Rajput Hamrah staff reached the spot.

During this, there was a ruckus till late night regarding the demands of 30 lakh compensation to the relatives of the rural deceased and pension to the child and job to the wife. TI barely pacified them and sent the dead body for post mortem.

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