Virat Kohli Century Anushka Sharma Reaction India Vs West Indies 2nd Test Trinidad

Virat Kohli Century Anushka Sharma India vs West Indies: Veteran player Virat Kohli scored a century in the Trinidad Test for the Indian team. Kohli played a brilliant inning of 121 runs against the West Indies. This was the 76th century of his international career. His wife Anushka Sharma reacted to Kohli’s century. Kohli kissed the wedding ring on the field after the century. After this, Anushka gave a reaction by sharing Kohli’s picture on Instagram.

Kohli completed a century on the second day of the Trinidad Test. He scored 121 runs facing 206 balls. Kohli’s innings included 11 fours. The Board of Control for Cricket in India has shared pictures of his celebration. Kohli greeted fellow players after his century. After this, he took out the wedding ring worn around his neck and kissed it. His wife Anushka reacted to Kohli’s century. Anushka shared Kohli’s picture on Instagram Story and made a heart emoji.

Significantly, with the help of this century, Kohli made many achievements in his name. He has become the first player in the world to score a century in the 500th international match of his career. Virat scored his 12th century against the West Indies. Kohli left behind Sachin in terms of scoring the most centuries till the 500th Test. Sachin had scored 75 centuries in 500 matches. While Kohli scored 76 centuries.

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