Vivek Dahiya Revealed He Was Not Getting Work In Films Due To The Tag Of TV Actor, | Vivek Dahiya was rejected from films by giving the tag of ‘TV actor’, said

Vivek Dahiya On Calling TV Actor: Vivek Dahiya is a popular TV actor. He got a lot of fame from ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’. In this serial, his real life wife Divyanka Tripathi played the lead role. Both of them met on this set and then they fell in love with each other and the couple got married. At present, the couple is enjoying a happy married life. Recently, Vivek Dahiya talked about being given the tag of ‘TV actor’ in an interview.

Vivek said that after doing Nach Baliye with wife and actress Divyanka Tripathi in 2019, he felt he was ready for Bollywood, but the harsh reality hit him hard when he started going for auditions.

Vivek Dahiya onTV actor was stamped
Vivek told Siddharth Kannan’s podcast, “I worked in TV for about 3 years and then did a reality show ‘Nach Baliye’ with my wife Divyanka. After that I thought I am ready for the big screen. Earlier, I didn’t think I had the capability to carry a film on my shoulders. Why would people come to see Vivek Dahiya? Who is he? But after 3-4 years of earning a name, I felt that I am ready now. But when I got ready, I realized that I have been labeled as a ‘TV actor’.

It was advised to sit at home for 3-4 years
Vivek further said, ‘I did not even do so many shows on TV. Whenever I used to go for auditions or meet producers, they would say ‘you have potential but you have done TV, you shouldn’t have done that’. I was told to sit at home for 3-4 years and keep giving auditions. I used to be shortlisted and in the last round, someone from the studio or the producer or the director would think, ‘That’s too TV’

Vivek Dahiya is doing a film with Kumar Sanu’s daughter
In the last few years, Vivek has worked a lot on his fitness. Vivek further said that when the film was offered to him last year, he took advantage of the opportunity. He said, “I broke down on that. Unless I am seen, how will I sell? Once people see me, let them decide whether I am TV or film material.” Kumar Sanu’s daughter Shannon is also in the film.

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