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Archana Puran Singh Unknown Facts: The example of love is not given just like that. In the furnace of love, first the lovers have to undergo austerity. One has to pass through the river of fire. Only then the love becomes complete. Such is the story of love between Archana Puran Singh and Parmeet Sethi. Both were riding in the boat of love for a long time, but they had made preparations to take it to the end in a hurry. Actually, in the year 1992, on this day i.e. 30 June, Archana and Parmeet were tied in marriage. In the Wedding Anniversary Special, we are introducing you to the love story of these two.

Archana had lost faith in love-marriage

It is impossible to talk about TV’s famous couples and not mention Archana Puran Singh and Parmeet Sethi. In the world of acting, the number of fans of both is not less at all. Archana is known for her laughter and unique style of laughing, but has gone through very difficult situations in her personal life. Actually, Archana’s first marriage was unsuccessful, after which she broke down so much that she lost faith in things like love and marriage.

Archana fell in love after an argument

Archana and Parmeet first met at an event. Archana Singh told in The Kapil Sharma Show, ‘I met Parmeet at a party. At that time I had a magazine in my hands, which was snatched by Parmeet. This enraged me badly, but Parmeet’s way of apologizing was so different that my anger calmed down immediately. Please tell that in the same party, the love of both of them started rising.

Both made a quick decision and got married

Parmeet had told in The Kapil Sharma Show, ‘Initially we lived in live-in. When we informed about this to our relatives, my family members got angry. So we decided to get married at 11 pm and set out to find Panditji. We met Pandit ji around 12 o’clock in the night. They asked us whether we are running away and getting married and the girl is an adult, isn’t she? I replied that the girl is more adult than me! Then Pandit ji said that marriage does not happen like this. The moment will come, it will happen again. We gave them the money and we got married the next morning at 11 am.

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