Wedding Anniversary Special Bollywood Actress Neena Gupta Love Story With Vivek Mehra After Affair With Vivian Richards

Neena Gupta Unknown Facts: From films to TV and OTT, the performance of actress Neena Gupta, who has established her identity, has its own charm. However, she was also famous for her love life. Neena, who is known for her outspoken style, never hid her personal life. Be it the issue of giving birth to a child without marriage or getting married in the third stage of age.. In the Wedding Anniversary Special, we are introducing you to that aspect of Neena’s life, which started her new journey.

Neena was living with Vivian’s love

Neena’s relationship with Vivian Richards, a veteran player of the West Indies cricket team, was well known. Neena knew that she and Vivian would never be able to unite, but she also broke the boundaries of love, which are considered taboo in Indian society. She became a mother without marriage and gave birth to daughter Masaba. She had decided to raise her daughter alone, but once she met Vivek Mehra and after dating for about six years, tied the knot with him.

This is how Neena and Vivek met

It so happened that during the year 2002, Neena Gupta and Vivek Mehra met in a flight. Both were returning to India from London. A woman exchanges seats, making Vivek and Neena co-passengers. The conversation that started in the flight led to a friendship, but Vivek lost his heart in the very first meeting. He was reluctant to tell Neena that he was about to separate from his wife.

The bond of seven rounds tied in the marriage of another

This relationship of friendship gradually progressed and turned into love. After dating for about six years, Neena and Vivek decided to get married. It so happened that in the year 2008, Neena had gone to a relative’s house in America for a wedding. On this trip, Vivek proposed her and both got married there. Vivek, a chartered account by profession, had already planned everything. He was just waiting for Neena’s consent.

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