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Jaya Prada Unknown Facts: He established a home on the screen many times and also won respect. When in reality he fulfilled his dream, the expectations were dashed. Being forced by love, the one whom he made his life partner, he did not give him his rights. We are talking about Jaya Prada, who hoisted her flag fiercely from the world of acting to the field of politics. Actually, Jaya Prada married film producer Shrikant Nahata in the year 1986 on this day i.e. 22 June. Let us introduce you to his love story.

Film career started like this

Jaya Prada’s real name was Lalita Rani. His father Krishna Rao was a well-known financier in Telugu cinema. On the other hand, Jaya Prada was very good in studies as well as in other activities. She was also well versed in dance. He gave a dance performance in school at the age of just 13, seeing which a director present there offered him a film. Jaya first worked in the Telugu film Bhoomi Kosham, for which she got only 10 rupees.

When love knocked in life

Jaya Prada stepped into the Hindi film industry after showing her prowess in Tamil and Telugu cinema. He hoisted his flag here too. By the year 1985, she had become one of the highest paid actresses of Bollywood. During that time she fell in love with film producer Shrikant Nahata. It so happened that after being among the highest paid actresses, the Income Tax Department raided her house. This affected his film career as well, so Shrikant Nahata supported him. In such a situation, the closeness of both of them started increasing and Jaya Prada made Srikant Nahata, already married and father of three children, her partner without caring for the society.

Society gave the tag of another woman

Jaya Prada had taken this step after being forced by love, but the society did not accept their relationship. Even after being married to Srikanth, she was given the title of another woman. Actually, Srikanth never divorced his first wife. This also affected Jaya Prada’s film career and she stopped getting work in films. The most incomplete thing in Jaya Prada’s life was that she could not become a mother. In such a situation, she fulfilled her wish of becoming a mother by adopting her sister’s son.

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