What is this in the name of employment?: Youth of MP were taken hostage in Hyderabad to clean toilets, one youth died

Mukesh Mehta, Budhni (Sehore). In the name of providing employment to the educated unemployed youth of Bherunda of Budhni, Madhya Pradesh, they are organizing employment fair at the block level. So that the educated unemployed people of the state can get employment, but in the name of giving employment to the educated youths of CM’s home area, they were cheated in the employment fair.

In fact, on May 18, an employment fair was organized in the Janpad Panchayat in Bherunda (Nasrullaganj). In which companies promised to provide employment to many youths (young men and women) of the area and gave them appointments. At the same time, Capital Company also selected some youths in the name of Supervisor and Security Guard and appointed them. After reaching Hyderabad, get the youth to deposit Rs 7,500 in the name of training and get them to work as labourers. They were woken up at 6.00 am and after that they were made to clean toilets, bathrooms, sweep, cook food, even the work of shoveling and shoveling was done by the youth and they were not allowed to talk to anyone at home. .

Despite the accidents in MP, neither the people nor the administration improved! Dozens of borewells are still lying open, open pole of the campaign, those responsible are waiting for death again

Distressed by this, the youth ran away in the dark of night and returned to Bherunda and narrated the ordeal to the family members. At the same time, a young man fell ill there during the training, for which the company did not even treat him. He died a day after coming home. After which the relatives have made serious allegations against the capital company. The youth of the Chief Minister’s constituency were made to work by making them laborers. For which a young man had to pay with his life. Now the thing to be seen is what kind of action the government takes on such a company. The company is exploiting the unemployed in the name of providing employment.

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