When CM Shivraj reached the children playing football in the field: Suddenly the faces of nephews and nieces blossomed after finding maternal uncle in their midst.

Bhopal / Shahdol. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was on Shahdol tour on Sunday. Where he took stock of the preparations for the program to be held on June 27 in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After this, a different style of Shivraj was seen here. Which is emotional as well as heart touching, perhaps this is what makes him different from other leaders.

There is no place for the happiness of the laborers after finding the CM in their midst: CM Shivraj reached to meet after seeing the afternoon working, know how he is

In Pakharia village, CM Shivraj’s form was seen not as a Chief Minister but as a common citizen. Here he was easily seen mingling with the people in the village. During this, where he got to know the condition of the laborers, on the other hand, he also went to the woman selling berries on the roadside and also bought berries. Seeing such a sight, the people present there were also surprised.

Preparations for PM Modi’s visit intensified: CM Shivraj inspected the program sites, said- We all are fortunate that PM is coming to Shahdol

CM Shivraj reached among the children playing football

CM Shivraj’s love for children was also seen here. In fact, children were playing football in the village ground, the CM could not help but reached among them. He had a cordial meeting with the children playing football. Took information about his family and sports activities. A group photo was also taken with the children. Seeing the happiness on the faces of the nephews and nieces, seeing the maternal uncle suddenly in their midst, was being made.

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