When Dipika Kakar Was Rushed To The Hospital For Delivery At 3 Am Shoaib Ibrahim Sister Saba Share Vlog

Dipika Kakar Premature Delivery: Actress Deepika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim have become parents of a son. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the Ibrahim family. Now Bua Saba has expressed the happiness of the arrival of the child. She shared the vlog and told how happy she is after becoming an aunt. Along with this, he has also remembered the day on which the baby was born. Saba was in Mumbai that day only. At present, she has gone to her in-laws’ house.

Saba remembered the day of Deepika’s delivery

Saba told, ’20 was brother’s birthday. We went for dinner. We fell asleep after coming from dinner. When my brother called in the night, I didn’t even know once. Then the call came again, then I saw that brother’s call at 3 o’clock. I thought we might have fallen asleep, he might have woken up and might need something.

‘As soon as I picked up the phone, my brother said that I am taking Deepika to the hospital. As soon as the brother said this, I got scared. When we called my brother again, his phone was busy. I was upset. When we reached the hospital, we came to know that the doctor said that the baby is due now. The doctor also said that everything is fine. Sister-in-law is very strong. Bhai was very nervous, however, he was not showing it. Now you just pray that the baby gets well soon.

It is known that Deepika Kakkar gave birth to a baby boy on 21st June. He had given information about this by posting on social media. Since the news of Shoaib and Deepika becoming parents, fans have been congratulating them.

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