When Kajol Mother Tanuja Slapped Dharmendra Said Besharam

Tanuja slapped Dharmendra: There are many stories of the superstar Dharmendra of the 80s, listening to which now people laugh and laugh. Known for his excellent acting, Dharmendra was also known for his flirting skills. Dharmendra, who made two marriages, also flirted a lot with his co-stars. However, once he had to get slapped for this. Later Dharmendra had made that star a sister. So let’s know this interesting story.

Kajol’s mother Tanuja slapped Dharmendra
Kajol’s mother Tanuja Mukherjee has been a famous actress of her time. He has also worked in many films. According to the news of Navbharat Times, once Dharmendra started flirting with Tanuja, but Tanuja did not like this thing at all. In such a situation, Tanuja slapped Dharmendra directly without looking back and also called him shameless. Tanuja had revealed this during an interview and also told the reason behind it.

Tanuja knew Dharmendra’s first wife Prakash Kaur
Actually Tanuja knew Dharmendra’s first wife Prakash Kaur very well. In such a situation, when the actress found that Dharmendra was flirting with her even after being married, she was shocked and slapped Heiman.

Black thread tied later
After this, when Dharmendra realized his mistake, he apologized to Tanuja and said, ‘Tanuja forgive me and make me your brother.’ What was it then, Tanuja took a black thread and tied it around Dharmendra’s wrist.

Tanuja is the mother of two daughters
Tanuja is the daughter of actress Shobhana Samarth and film producer Kumarsen Samarth. She was married to producer Shobhu Mukherjee. Due to which he has two daughters Kajol and Tanisha.

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