When Namrata Shirodkar Reveals Why She Quit Acting After Marriage Mahesh Babu | Wife Namrata Shirodkar left acting because of superstar Mahesh Babu, said

Namrata Shirodkar on Why She Quit Acting: Actress Namrata Shirodkar is married to South’s superstar Mahesh Babu. Both are very happy in their married life. But do you know why Namrata left the acting career in the middle. He himself disclosed this.

Please tell that Namrata was last seen in the 2004 film Insaaf: The Justice. In the same year, he was also seen in Bride and Prejudice. In an interview given to a Telugu YouTube channel, the actress talked about her career. Also told why he did not act after marriage.

He said, ‘Mahesh was very clear that he wanted a non-working wife. Even if I was working in an office, he would have asked me to leave the job.

‘Mahesh did not want me to work’

She further told, ‘We were very clear that we would first live in an apartment after marriage, because I was from Mumbai. And I didn’t know how I would adjust in these bungalows. I was scared so he started living with me in an apartment. My condition was that if I come to Hyderabad, I will stay in an apartment. Similarly, he was also very clear that he did not want me to work. That was the reason why we took some time. So that I can complete the shooting of all my films. I don’t have any work when we get married. That’s why I completed all my pending films. We were clear.

Please tell that Namrata and Mahesh were married in February 2005.

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