When Rajesh Khanna Took His Last Breath His Ex-girlfriend Anju Mahendru Was With Him

Rajesh Khanna Love Life: Late actor Rajesh Khanna was not only the best actor but he was also known as ‘Ladies Man’. The actor’s charm was such that girls of all ages were madly in love with him and used to send him letters written in blood. But Rajesh Khanna was arrested at that time in love with fashion designer and actress Anju Mahendroo. The relationship between the two lasted for many years, but then the couple separated. But she was with him in the last time of the actor.

Anju was with Rajesh Khanna in the last moments
It is said that Rajesh Khanna wanted to make Anju his life partner, but Anju wanted to focus on her career at that time. That’s why she did not marry Rajesh and broke up. After this, Rajesh Khanna married Dimple Kapadia and both became parents of two daughters. However, when the actor’s last time came, love for him resurfaced in Anju’s heart and she reached Rajesh Khanna’s house.

Rajesh Khanna’s friend had made this disclosure
This was disclosed by Rajesh Khanna’s best friend Bhupesh Rasin in an interview to Zoom Entertainment when Rajesh Khanna passed away. He had told that, “Yes, that was the saddest day of my life. I remember that Akshay Kumar and I were near his feet and his pulse was slowing down. Twinkle and Rinke were sitting on the other side of him. Dimple was also with him. Also Anju Mahendru was standing near the door of his room.”

Anju is not married yet
Please tell that even though Anju Mahendru had separated from Rajesh Khanna. But the actress never married. Today she often remembers Rajesh Khanna and shares his pictures on social media.

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