When Shah Rukh Khan Got Scared Sitting On The Bike Behind Gauri Khan And Suhana Khan Old Video Gone Viral | Gauri Khan drove a fast bike, Shahrukh Khan got scared sitting on the back seat, said

Shahrukh Khan With Gauri and Suhana: Shahrukh Khan loves his wife Gauri very much. Whenever both are seen together, they set couple goals. Now an old video of both has surfaced. In which Gauri Khan is riding a bike, King Khan is seen sitting behind her in fear. Actually, King Khan is afraid of high speed, in such a situation, when he went on the bike sitting behind Gauri, Gauri drove the bike at high speed. Seeing which King Khan got very scared.

Then later, their darling Suhana Khan insisted on sitting on the bike with Gauri. On which King Khan refused Gauri to ride a bike at high speed.

Gauri Khan was seen riding a bike at high speed on the beach
The love stories of Shahrukh and Gauri are well known. Both of them fall in love with each other on sight. Now a video of this lovable couple has come to the fore. In which Gauri Khan is seen riding a bike at high speed on the beach.

In the beginning of the video, Shah Rukh says, ‘I am a little scared, Gauri comfortably, I can do stunts but I am obsessed with speed.’ After this, when Shahrukh Gauri sits on the bike, Gauri asks him to sit behind. Then when Gauri rides the bike, Shahrukh gets scared and is seen speaking, not Gauri. After this Suhana insists on sitting with him. Gauri says why are you so scared. Then Shahrukh says, yes you go with your mother, Gauri comfortably, it is very scary, no one will go fast.

looking cute suhana
Suhana Khan is looking very cute in this video clip. Along with this, her daughter’s special bonding with her parents is also visible. It is also known from the video that Shah Rukh Khan is very scared of sitting in a vehicle running at high speed. On the contrary, she likes to drive at high speed only.

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