When will they get employment? Yoga teachers sitting on dharna in CG for 2-point demand, know what their demands are…

Neha Kesharwani, Raipur. 200 yoga teachers of Chhattisgarh are sitting on a one-day dharna at Tuta protest site in Naya Raipur for a two-point demand. Teachers demand that recruitment of yoga teachers should be done on the lines of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh government, teachers should be recruited in high, higher secondary and all Swami Atmanand schools of the state.

Khomesh Sahu (General Secretary, Chhattisgarh Yoga Teachers Association) said that, for the last 10 years, there has been a demand for the recruitment of Yoga teachers. Yoga courses have been running in our state for 20 years and currently courses are running in 21 universities and 42 colleges. 15 to 20 thousand people are wandering for employment opportunities by taking yoga degree and diploma.

He further said, even after obtaining the qualification of Yoga, the government itself gives recognition to the institutions for studies. But for the students who leave after studying, the future in the field of yoga is looking dark. We are staging a sit-in for the 2-point demand.

Anil Chandrakar (State President, Chhattisgarh Yoga Teachers Association) said, recruitment of yoga teachers in government schools and recruitment of yoga education in all Atmanand schools of the state should be done.

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