When will you get the light? Villagers forced to live in the dark since independence are asking questions to the administration…

Sudeep Upadhyay, Balrampur. Even after seven decades of independence, the population of about 30 to 35 houses in Balrampur district is still waiting for light. About four years ago, due to the arrival of electric poles in the village, there was a hope of getting electricity among the villagers, but till date the electric poles are lying as they are.

We are talking about Jhapar village situated at the end of Vadrafnagar development block of the district, where the population of about 30 to 35 houses belonging to the hilly Korwa of special backward tribe in Karimati locality has been living on the forest land for a long time, which is still in darkness. earning her living.

Last five years ago, the CREDA department had installed solar powered lights in the houses of the villagers as an alternative arrangement, but now it seems to be dying. The villagers said that during the last assembly elections, poles were brought to the village for electricity expansion, which are still lying as they are today.

Accusing the administration of neglect, the villagers say that at the time of elections the leaders come to the village and leave with false promises of development, but nothing works. This is the reason why the villagers are talking about not exercising their right to vote in the coming assembly elections.

According to the villagers, a hope was awakened after reaching the electricity pole in the village, but that too remained just a dream and the villagers have to live in darkness, due to which wild animals and snakes-scorpion attack day and night. The fear remains.

Sarpanch of the village Ramsjeevan Aayam said that the pole was brought to Korwa Mohalla in the village for electricity extension, but the electricity connection has not reached till date. In this regard, he has informed the administration several times, but no action has been taken till date.

On the other hand, in the whole matter, a different argument has come out from the Executive Engineer of the Electricity Department, Shatrughan Soni, and he says that the department does not have the information about the arrival of the electric pole in Jhapar village. An action plan is being prepared for the extension of electricity in the village. But when will the villagers be able to get electricity, maybe even the sir does not have the answer.

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