Where is the police? After jewelry, cash, vehicle and goat, now thieves took away solar plates from Gauthan, series of incidents continue in Jashpur, one suspect caught

Jashpur. These days the incidents of theft in Jashpur are not taking the name of stopping. The cases of theft in Gram Panchayat Tapkara are in constant headlines. In the last one month, thieves have committed frequent incidents in this village. In which jewelry, cash and vehicles to goats have been stolen. In all these cases, till now the police have not got any clue of the thieves. A new case has come to the fore on Tuesday night. In which thieves took away nine solar plates from Gothan of Tapkara located on Ghumra Road. The cost of these solar plates is said to be more than one lakh. The matter has been reported to the police.

Since the last month of June, the serial thefts in Tapkara have given sleepless nights to the people along with the police. Meanwhile, on Tuesday the police arrested a suspect. Who is telling about stealing in many villages. The youth taken into custody has told of theft in Kunkuri, Tapkara and Farsabahar. Which is being verified. After checking the mobile of the detained youth, his call details are being scrutinised.

The arrest of the accused continues

In this regard, Tapkra police station in-charge Harshvardhan was talked to, he told that the accused involved in theft incidents are being arrested in Tapkra and surrounding police station areas. At the same time, SDOP Sandeep Mittal told that a youth has been taken into custody. Inquiry is being done.

Please tell that even before this the police had caught a suspect. On this, the villagers said that even after the police have caught the accused, the serial theft in the area shows the police’s poor functioning.

There was a meeting between the villagers and the police

Seeing the increasing incidents of theft, a meeting was held between the villagers of Tapkara and the Tapkara police in the past. In which the villagers agreed on things like increasing police patrolling, verification of the tenants coming from outside and closing the shop till 11 pm. To stop the frequent thefts, a new police inspector was also appointed in Tapkra police station. But even now the process of theft continues.

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